IMS e.V. Archineer® Institutes

Academic Program in cooperation with Anhalt University in Dessau, Germany – home of the famous Bauhaus

World-wide renowned for research, consulting and academic programs for engineering of membrane and lightweight structures

IMS e.V. Archineer® Institutes is a non profitable institute aiming to establish an independent institute where research and development, real estate as well as teaching of new construction methods especially related to membrane and net constructions and shell technologies are focal points.

About IMS Archineer® Institutes

The IMS - Insitute for Membrane and Shell Technologies was founded in 1999 in Bobingen, near Augsburg, Germany by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Off and Prof. Alexander Furche.

Numerous members like professors, students, teachers, physicists, craftsmen and computer scientists from all over the world were the basis for the creation of a forum for exchanging experiences and knowledge in the field of membrane technology.

Today the institute is led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Off and Georg Habighorst. With the nomination of Prof. Dr. Robert Off to the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau, Germany, the foundation for the cooperation between the Anhalt University and IMS was laid and the vision of an international master program “Membrane Structures” became reality.

The new and today main establishment of the institute was founded in Dessau-Rosslau to execute the teaching part of the IMS. Now the Institute is named IMS e.V. Archineer® Institutes.

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The IMS Archineer® Institutes are based on 3 columns:

Academic Program

Part-time courses for M.Eng in Membranes Structures and Archineer® University Certificate.


Research in shell, membrane and lightweight structures technology as well as membrane materials and lab testing.


Consulting and engineering for demanding projects in membrane and lightweight structures all over the world.