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Academic Program in cooperation with Anhalt University in Dessau, Germany – home of the famous Bauhaus

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Please find here our list of frequently asked questions. We recommend, that you will have a look there in the first step.
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What are the main differences between the IMS BAUHAUS courses?

The Master- and Archineer® program Membrane Structures is a 4-semester long distance program with three attendance times at the Anhalt University in Germany.

All lectures will be given during these attendance weeks. Afterwards the students continue with online studies at home preparing for the examinations, which basically will take place during the next attendance week at the institute.

After completion of this program the protected certificate “Archineer® Membrane Structures” is granted by IMS BAUHAUS®. Participants who are able to proof a sufficient academic background, acknowledged by a German university complete the program receiving the degree “Master (M.Eng.) Membrane Structures” granted by the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

Fees in total: 7.900 EUR

The Archineer® Cert. program is a University Certificate Program, something like a short cut of the Master program.

Students participate in the attendance weeks of the master program in semester 1 and 2. There is no further supervising during online phases, just one homework between the two semesters and an oral examination at the end of the second semester. Participants finish the program receiving a university certificate called “Archineer® CERT” coming along with 15 ECTS.

Fees in total: 3.500 EUR

TENSILE intense is a very short and intensive overview about the entire process of building membranes. It is only basic knowledge in a one-week course taking place parallel to the lecture weeks of the Master- and Archineer® program.

Fee in total: 1.500 EUR

All fees include the processing and tuition fees only. Travel and accommodation expenses are on everyone’s own responsibility additionally.

How is the internet lecture structured? Are there fixed dates scheduled for virtual lectures?
Lectures will be held during the attendance weeks at the beginning of each semester. During the semester, projects and/or assignments have to be accomplished and submitted via the internet at fixed dates. At set times lecturers and students can discuss via Skype. All other correspondence and team work between participants is done via our e-learning platform Moodle.

How much time in addition to the active periods is required to meet the semester’s objectives?
The time necessary depends on the individual participant. The targeted time per week is about 14 - 18 hours, so that the participants can still work beside the course.

What are credits/ECTS?
European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is a standardized system based on the workload of the study required to achieve the objectives of a program. It allows the comparison of different degrees across Europe (and also worldwide).

What is Archineer®?

Archineer® is a protected, international registered trade mark, exclusively licensed by IMS e.V., granted to graduates of the Master- and Archineer® Membrane Structures program of the IMS only.

Which extra costs e.g. for books, scripts and software need to be calculated?
In principle, it is not necessary to spend a lot of additional money for books, scripts and software to follow the study. Required membrane programs will be provided by the lecturers for free. However, each participant must have a computer, preferably an up to date notebook, a 3D-CAD program for drawing (suggested Rhinoceros), Excel and Word.
Concerning books, we suggest buying the “European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structures” (about 40 EUR). It is possible to buy the book here at the University. Since the provision of the books is limited, it is in your interest to inform us in advance by sending an email to

Why are the fees so moderate compared with other programs available?
As an institute associated with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences we are a non-profit institute. The master program Membrane Structures (M.Eng) is hosted by a German State University. Therefore, we maintain the costs as low as possible and tuition fee is calculated only to cover the expenses. The program is designed and organised every year since 2006 without compromising the level of education, delivering the finest expertise in the field of Membrane structures.

Which costs are to be calculated for the stay in Dessau during the attendance weeks?

We help our students with special offers for accommodation. We cooperate with the youth hostel in Dessau and some guest houses. The prices range between 25 and 45 EUR /night per person incl. breakfast, depending on where the students decide to book.

At the University cafeteria, students can have lunch for reasonable prices and for dinner there are several possibilities. Vegetarian food is available at almost all places.

Depending on the chosen place of stay, it is suggested to calculate between 50 and 100 EUR per day for food and accommodation.


It is important to check well and in advance the necessity of visa for the entry into Germany. Some embassies or consulates need up to 10 weeks for appointments, answers or granting the visa. Since our course is a distance learning program with only short attendance times in Dessau, Germany, it is suggested to apply for a short term visa (tourist visa) or a visa with multiple entrances during the entire study time. The required documents from the institute will be handed over together with the admission documents from the Anhalt University and our Institute. They will include a letter of attorney where the students authorize Prof. Off to talk to the embassy and consulate to, if need be, accelerate the visa process.