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Academic Program in cooperation with Anhalt University in Dessau, Germany – home of the famous Bauhaus

Master (M.Eng) and Archineer® in Membrane Structures
Anhalt University/ IMS BAUHAUS® Germany




Aim of the program

It is observed that there is a great demand for membrane and lightweight structures in its different forms since it can be used for covering huge open spaces with minimal intervention and minimal construction time. Especially in tropical and sun-drenched countries the market is growing rapidly.

The technologies of textile building have been advanced and developed enough to be used as important building material in construction all over the world. Cover pages of architectural magazines are filled with the appealing design and spectacular buildings of this craft. But only a few experienced people and companies are able to finally implement these challenging projects.

As a consequence Professor Dr. Robert Off, Anhalt University Germany and Director of the IMS BAUHAUS® Institutes, in 2006 started the worldwide first academic program in order to provide a profound overall education in membrane lightweight structures.

Main aim of this Master- and Archineer® program in Membrane Structures, still unique in the world, is to impart knowledge and proficiency to the participants so that they are able to design, calculate, detail, build and keep textile lightweight constructions.


of the 15th Master- and Archineer® Program

14. – 21.03.2021

(min. of 15 participants required)




60 ETCS in total

Target Group

The course basically is addressed to graduates and professionals in the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geo-Informatics, Mechanical Engineering, Textile Engineering or comparable programs. In case of sufficient acadmic pre-qualifiaction, acknowledged by a German university (cheked by uni-assist) the course can be completed with the academic and accredited degree Master (M.Eng) Membrane Structures, granted by the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau.


4 semester long distance master program, internet based, with 3 short stay periods in Germany:
1st semester: two attendance weeks in March/September + internet learning
2nd semester: one attendance week in September/March + internet learning
3rd semester: one attendance week in March/September + internet learning
4th semester: master thesis

Content and examniation plan



One year of professional experiences in the field of Membrane and Lightweight Structures

For the Master's Degree:

Bachelor’s degree of 8 semester (240 ECTS) duration in Architecture or Structural Engineering (or other engineering studies).

Shorter studies and professional life time as well as other bachelor backgrounds can be accepted on individual permission.

Please ask us for further information.


The master program in Membrane Structures is the first and only academic study course in this field worldwide.

It is accredited as an international master program by the accreditation board AQAS until September 2021.


Most of the examinations will be home work or team work. This corresponds to the usual conditions at your companies. Our aim is to keep all lectures and exercises as implementable as possible.

For more information regarding the study and examination regulation please contact


Archineer ® in Membrane Structures (Archineer® M.St)

Academic Degree

Master of Engineering (M.Eng) in Membrane Structures

granted by the Anhalt Universtiy of Applied Sciences in case of sufficient pre-qualification

Study Fees

Total 7.600,- €

Payable in 3 instalments

Fees and paymentschedule

Processing Fee

375,00 EUR

The processing fee covers all expenses for application including handling fee at uni-assist.

For more information about this course please have a look on our FAQs or please contact


a non-profit institute

Why are the fees so moderate compared with other programs available?

As an institute associated with Anhalt University of Applied Sciences we are a non-profit institute. The master program Membrane Structures (M.Eng) is hosted by a German State University. Therefore, we maintain the costs as low as possible and tuition fee is calculated only to cover the expenses. The program is designed and organised every year since 2006 without compromising the level of education, delivering the finest expertise in the field of Membrane Structures.